When to Use Google Paid Search (or PPC)

PPC is an often misused and misunderstood tool in the world of search engines.  Lots of businesses use PPC (pay per click) without fully understanding how to set up their campaign in order to get the best results.

PPC (used through Google AdWords) allows a site to advertise themselves at the top of search engine results lists, before youtube videos, on other blogs etc.  You pay a small amount of money to Google each time a customer clicks on your ad.  This is why it is called Pay Per Click – you only pay up when your ad has been clicked on.  The user will bid on keywords, putting down the amount they would be willing to spend on that keyword, and Google produces the cost it will be for your ad each time it is clicked.

It is important that you correctly target your ads at the right audiences, as if your ad is poorly targetted (ie. being seen by the wrong people) you simply won’t get the most out of it.  Sometimes it is better to get a digital marketing agency to set up your AdWords campaign for you so you know it is properly set up to achieve your goals.