Managing A Drop in Traffic

Sometimes, even when implementing a rigorous SEO campaign it happens that your website sees a drop in traffic.  This could be down to a number of issues:

  • ranks dropping on search results pages
  • fewer needing your items
  • issues with analytics
  • poor content on the site

In the case of ranks droppping, it is important to understand what helps pages to rank for keywords in the first is important that the content on each page is relevant, sufficient and not stuffed with keywords.  Your pages should have plenty of content, as this is how Google and other search engines decide how relevant your pages are compared to others.  If you only have minimal content, your competitors with lots of content are likely to rank higher than you!

In the case of customer needs, take a look at your products and decide if perhaps they are a seasonal item – such as summer goods or winter goods.  People are more likely to be searching for summer items during the summer months, so it makes sense that traffic would drop during the winter!