How Google Search Results are Changing

You may have noticed over the last year or so that your Google search results are beginning to take into account your location, your search history and other details Google holds about you.  This is great for consumers, as it means that the results they recieve from their searches are much more tailored towards their preferences.  This is not so good for SEO experts!  How on Earth are you meant to optimise your site if different people will see different search results based on factors outside your control, such as physical location?

The problem is that Google keep wanting to up their game, and be more useful for consumers.  This is good news if you are looking for services in the local area, as Google will already know where you are located and what your preferences are.  For example, if on your google+ profile you have said you are vegetarian, it could well be that Google displays companies to you which are known for their cruelty free ways!  Fascinating, and interesting to see what happens next in the world of google search!